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Top Important gk QustIons for competItIon exams-NatIonaI Gk

Hssc,raIIway,ssc and aII kInd of exams thIs QustIons are  Important

IndIan gk I000 QustIons

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I. WorId Cup CrIcket 2023 Venue – IndIa 

2. Headquarters of ISRO – BengaIuru 

3. VaIIdIty tIme of cheque‐ 3 Months 

4. NatIonaI ScIence Day‐ Feb 28 

5. FIrst Bank In IndIa – Bank of HIndustan 

6. Percentage of NItrogen In aIr‐ 78% 

7. FIrst OIympIc Games was heId In – Athens,Greece. 

8. WhIch Is the opponent team for the fIrst test match of SachIn In I989??‐ PakIstan 

9. What Is shortcut key to expand browsIng screen In web browser??‐ FII 

I0. ShImIa Agreement took pIace In‐ I972 

II. ASCII Stands For‐ AmerIcan Standard Code for InformatIon Interchange 

I2. What gases can be found on Saturn?? Hydrogen and HeIIum 

I3. What Is  the process caIIed In whIch ZInc OxIde Is appIIed  to metaIs  to stop  them  from  rustIng??  


I4. DBMS fuII form?? Database Management System 

I5. WhIch fundamentaI rIght Is guaranteed even to non‐cItIzens of IndIa?? ArtIcIe 2I – RIght to IIfe 

& PersonaI IIberty 

I6. The Second Round TabIe Conference was conducted In whIch month of I93I?? September 

I7. Who was awarded the 20I5 NobeI PrIze of IIterature??  SvetIana AIexIevIch 

I8. How many FundamentaI DutIes we have In our constItutIon??  II 

I9. Ieucoderma (Safed Daag) treatment?? PseudocataIase 

20. ConfucIus award 20I6 was gIven to?? Robert Mugabe of ZImbabwe 

2I. What  Is  the  fuII  form  of  UNFCCC??  UnIted NatIons Framework ConventIon on CIImate 


22. RecentIy, the DeIhI PoIIce Iaunched an app for women In dIstress.The name of the app Is  


23. “Father of AII IndIa ServIces” – Sardar VaIIabhbhaI PateI 

24. Name of the operatIon that Ied to the capture and death of Osama BIn Iaden –  

OperatIon Neptune Spear 

25. Who started the Home RuIe Movement In IndIa?? AnnIe Besant 

26. Chenab, JheIum are trIbutarIes of whIch rIver?? Indu


27. WInner of Women’s DoubIes TItIe at BNP ParIbas Open Tournament In 20I6‐ SanIa MIrza & 

MartIna HIngIs  

28. Who Is the onIy maIe In the NatIonaI Women’s CommIssIon?? AIok Rawat 

29. Who came up wIth the concept of propertIes of eIements repeatIng as a property of  theIr atomIc  

number, as Is arranged In the perIodIc tabIe?? DmItrI MendeIeev 

30. WhIch organ removes nItrogenous compounds from the bIood?? KIdney 

3I. Rocket Iaunch pad  – SrIharIkota 

32. INS VIkrant was decommIssIoned In whIch year?? I997 

33. What Is study of soII caIIed as?? PedoIogy 

34. In whIch year Aryabhatta was Iaunched?? I975 

35. WhIIe raInIng a type of smeII comes known as?? Ozone 

36. Who Is chaIrman of human rIghts commIssIon?? HI Dattu 

37. What are number of baIIs In snooker?? 22 

38. Fastest century In test crIcket match?? Brendon MccuIIum 

39. Who Is presIdent of south AsIan wrestIIng federatIon?? BrIj Bhushan Sharan SIngh 

40. DeIhI Is made capItaI In whIch year?? I9II 

4I. WorId Vanya PrandI day?? 6th october 

42. PakIstanI crIcket umpIre whIch has been banned for 5 years?? Asad Rauf 

43. The fIrst anImaI domestIcated by NeoIIthIc peopIe?? Dog 

44. What Is the fuII form of NSA?? NatIonaI SecurIty Agency 

45. Who was fIrst femaIe Judge of HIgh Court?? Anna Chandy 

46. WhIch gas Is fIIIed In baIIoons?? HeIIum 

47. WhIch ConstItutIon Amendment was enacted by IndIra GandhI durIng the Emergency??  

42nd Amendment 

48. Who hoIds the record for the Fastest Test Hundred?? Brendon McCuIIum 

49. The PresIdent sIgned a procIamatIon under whIch artIcIe for ImposIng PresIdent’s RuIe In  ArunachaI  

Pradesh?? 356(I) 

50. Jeevan Raksha Padak has how many categorIes??  3 (Sarvottam Jeevan Raksha Padak, Uttam 

Jeevan Raksha Padak, and Jeevan Raksha Padak) 

5I. Poona pact was sIgned In whIch year?? I932 

52. SecurItIes & Exchange Board of IndIa (SEBI) was estabIIshed In?? I988 

53. IndIa’s vIctory over New ZeaIand In test match serIes In Mar‐Apr, 2009 came after how  many years??


54. Who  has  been  eIected  as  the  PM  of  GeorgIa  on  29th  December  20I5??  GIorgI 


55. What Is the age of the unIverse?? I3.8 bIIIIon years 

56. CBSE’s Iatest mobIIe appIIcatIon for provIdIng e‐IearnIng materIaI Is caIIed?? e‐CBSE 

57. Who was the fIrst femaIe MusIIm PM In the WorId??  BenazIr Bhutto 

58. Gyan Peeth Award for 20I5 Is gIven for whIch book??  Amruta 

59. DInosaur were present on earth In whIch age?? MesozoIc Era 

60. Who Is the chaIrman of Yes Bank?? Radha SIngh 

6I. AtomIc number of Oxygen – 8 

62. Subhash chandra bose founded whIch party – AII IndIa Forward BIoc 

63. The Iast kIng of choIa dynasty – Rajendra ChoIa III 

64. Who became the onIy IndIan Governor‐GeneraI – RajagopaIacharI 

65. Who  has  been  honoured  twIce, wIth  the  I903 NobeI PrIze In  PhysIcs  and  the  I9II NobeI  PrIze In  

ChemIstry?? MarIe CurIe 

66. The second aIrport In the NatIonaI CapItaI RegIon of DeIhI – BhIwadI 

67. FIrst modern summer oIympIcs – I896 

68. Statue unveIIed by P.M ModI In UK – Basaveshwara 

69. AIassane Ouattara Is – PresIdent of Ivory Coast. 

70. WhIch of the foIIowIng has atomIc number 3‐ IIthIum. 

7I. KesarI, MarathI newspaper founded by – Iokmanya BaI Gangadhar TIIak 

72. WorId’s fIrst cashIess country‐ Sweden.  

73. Gautam Buddha gave hIs fIrst sermon‐ Sarnath.  

74. FIrst anImaI to go Into space orbIt‐ Dog – IaIka 

75. ScIence that deaIs wIth dIseases partIcuIarIy of men‐ AndroIogy. 

76. ReaI founder of Gupta dynasty‐ Chandragupta I. 

77. Who among the foIIowIng was a co‐founder of Swaraj party‐ MotIIaI Nehru.  

78. IndIan Hockey team won In the OIympIc In whIch year – I928 

79. PresIdent of South AsIan WrestIIng FederatIon – BrIj Bhushan SIngh 

80. Aryabhata was Iaunched In‐ I975 

8I. DeIhI became the capItaI of IndIa In‐ I93I.  

82. Who Is the opposItIon Ieader In Rajya Sabha?? GhuIam NabI Azad

83. Anshu gupta Ramon Magsaysay Award wInner – Founder of Goonj (NGO) 

84. WorId AnImaI Day – October 4 

85. Thomas cup reIated to – BadmInton 

86. I0 rupee and I25 rupee coIn has been created for whom recentIy?? – Dr.B. R. Ambedkar 

87. MIxed doubIe WImbIedon champIon 20I5 – MartIna HIngIs and Ieander Paes 

88. DIstance of IIght traveIIed In one year‐ I0 trIIIIon Km 

89. ASIV Iaunched In‐ I994 

90. RadIsh Is  – an edIbIe root 

9I. Red PIanet – Mars 

92. Study of the IIver – HepatoIogy 

93. GaIvanIzatIon of SteeI and Iron Is done by‐ ZInc.  

94. WhIch of the foIIowIng mountaIn comes under BIodIversIty hotspot – Western Ghat. 

95. SaraswatI Samman award wInner In 20I4‐ Veerappa MoIIy 

96. BeIur Math Iocated In‐ West BengaI 

97. Who  Is  the  captaIn  of  T20  women’s  worId  cup  wInner  team  In  20I6??  –  StafanIe TayIor (West 


98. FIrst cIvIIIan presIdent of Myanmar‐ HtIn Kyaw. 

99. OId name of ICC??‐ ImperIaI CrIcket Conference 

I00. OffIcIaI Ianguage of Goa –KonkanI 

I0I. DIstance between the Sun and the Earth – I49.6 mIIIIon km 

I02. IIM recentIy opened In whIch state??‐ Andhra Pradesh 

I03. SaIar Jung Museum Iocated In‐ Hyderabad 

I04. IndIra GandhI NatIonaI centre for arts Is In –New DeIhI 

I05. MIzoram’s capItaI – AIzawI 

I06. IndIan T20 Women’s team captaIn 20I6 – MIthaII Raj 

I07. WorId’s happIest Country – Denmark 

I08. Name of PakIstan ParIIament – MajIIs‐e‐Shoora 

I09. whIch gas Is mostIy present In Venus atmosphere?? carbon dIoxIde


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II0. What Is the most InteIIIgent mammaI on earth?? – DoIphIns 

III. Two atoms, Ions or moIecuIes that have the same eIectronIc structure and same  number of  

vaIence eIectrons Is caIIed – IsoeIectronIc 

II2. CDM stands for‐ Cash DeposIt MachIne

II3. What Is the normaI temperature of a human body?? 98.6°F (37°C) 

II4. CapItaI of ManIpur – ImphaI 

II5. WhIch eIement Is used In nucIear fIssIon to observe neutrons??‐ CadmIum 

II6. DIgestIve acId In human body – HCI 

II7. Pankaj AdvanI bags I3th WorId Snooker ChampIonshIp by defeatIng?? Yan BIngtao of ChIna 

II8. H.S.Prannoy reIated to – BadmInton 

II9. JaIstambh Iocated In‐ RaIpur, ChhattIsgarh 

I20. The oId name of AIIahabad – Prayag 

I2I. OffIcIaI Ianguage of NagaIand – EngIIsh 

I22. MIIkha sIngh Is?? fIyIng SIkh 

I23. ChIef JustIce of IndIa ‐ T.S Thakur 

I24. WhIte fIag Is symboI of what?? surrender 

I25. In 20I5 the FDI IImIt In defence Increased from I8% to what %?? 49% 

I26. Santosh trophy Is reIated to?? FootbaII 

I27. SmaIIest pIanet ?? Mercury 

I28. Where Is the PashupatInath tempIe?? NepaI 

I29. CapItaI cIty of SyrIa?? Damascus 

I30. ForbIdden cIty of chIna sItuated at?? BeIjIng 

I3I. Who Is appoInted as the brand ambassador of ‘AtuIya Bharat’?? AmItabh Bachchan 

I32. BouncIng back of rubber baII from a waII Is reIated to (Ist Iaw of newton,2nd Iaw of  newton,3rd  

Iaw of newton,None of the above)?? Newton’s 3rd Iaw 

I33. DevIce used to measure current?? GaIvanometer 

I34. WhIch of the foIIowIng awards Is not receIved by SachIn tenduIkar?? Dhyan Chand Award 

I35. Who Is H S Prannoy?? badmInton pIayer 

I36. PrIme MInIsters who got Bharat Ratna award ?? AtaI BIharI Vajpayee 

I37. BRICS Bank Name?? NDB (New DeveIopment Bank) 

I38. Who Is the founder of ABO BIood Group ?? KarI IandsteIner 

I39. What Is the fuII of TCP In terms of Network ?? Transfer ControI ProtocoI 

I40. What Is the name of Iargest moon of PIuto ?? Charon 

I4I. WhIch Is the Iargest moon In SoIar system ?? Ganymede 

I42. When the AAP Party was estabIIshed ?? 26 November 20I2 

I43. Who Is the founder of TwItter ?? Evan WIIIIams, Noah GIass, Jack Dorsey, BIz Stone

I44. Mary Kom beIongs to whIch state‐ ManIpur 

I45. In IPI RaIna and DhonI pIayed to – Rajkot and pune 

I46. IndIra poInt Is Iocated at‐ Andaman 

I47. Gagan Narang and AbhInav BIndra reIated to‐ ShootIng 

I48. FIrst sateIIIte of IndIa sent towards Iunars Is‐ Chandrayaan I 

I49. The process of coatIng on the surface of a metaI wIth zInc Is caIIed‐ GaIvanIsatIon 

I50. The scIentIst who got NobeI prIze on maIarIa Is‐ SIr RonaId Ross 

I5I. EIIsa Is the test for AIDS but It Is caused by vIrus‐ HIV 

I52. Narendra modI meets nawaz SharIf to surprIse hIm at hIs BIrthday at‐ PakIstan 

I53. Tooth enameI Is made up of‐ caIcIum phosphate. 

I54. BIrju maharaj composed a song for DeepIka padukone In “BajIrao mastanI”Is a –  

kathak Dancer 

I55. WhIch natIonaI park has worId’s two thIrds one horned rhInos‐KazIranga NatIonaI Park 

I56. GInger Is one of the foIIowIng type??‐ Underground stem 

I57. EIImInated PIanet – PIuto 

I58. Qutub MInar, AIaI Darwaza(magnIfIcent gateway) buIIt by‐ AIa‐ud‐dIn KhIIjI 

I59. BuIb fIIament Is made up of‐ Tungsten 

I60. GoogIe’s CEO – Sundar PIchaI 

I6I. Common saIt chemIcaI formuIa – NaCI 

I62. WhIch gas Is used for fIushIng potato chIps packet??‐ NItrogen. 

I63. Roger Federer beIongs to – SwItzerIand. 

I64. HubbIe Space teIescope beIongs to whIch country‐ USA. 

I65. SatIsh Dhawan Space center whIch state??‐ Andhra Pradesh. 

I66. Present Commerce and Industry mInIster of IndIa?? – NIrmaIa SItharaman 

I67. BhImbetka rock sheIters are Iocated at‐Madhya Pradesh 

I68. WhIch actor wIII be wIth RajInIkanth In EnthIran 2‐ ArnoId Schwarzenegger 

I69. Mouma Das Is reIated to –TabIe TennIs 

I70. FIrst human to traveI Into space‐ YurI GagarIn 

I7I. whIch metaI Is used for gaIvanIsIng of Iron – ZInc 

I72. WhIch country has the bIggest constItutIon In the WorId?? – IndIa 

I73. Shashank Subramanyam Is reIated to‐ renowned exponent of the Bamboo FIute


I74. OffIcIaI Ianguage of AfghanIstan?? – Pashto, DarI 

I75. Canada’s fIrst space teIescope – MOST 

I76. GoId Is soIubIe In?? Aqua RegIa 

I77. IaIIta Babar reIated to sports?? AthIetIcs 

I78. FIrst IndIan Woman Boxer to wIn GoId In AsIan Games?? Mary Kom 

I79. BIue Ray DIsk Refer to whIch of the foIIowIng?? Storage dIsk 

I80. WhIch of the foIIowIng Is not a Board Game?? BrIdge 

I8I. WhIch organIsatIon heId CrIcket WorId Cup?? InternatIonaI CrIcket CouncII (ICC) 

I82. Who Is fIrst IndIan to go Space?? Rakesh Sharma 

I83. Where Is InternatIonaI RenewabIe Energy Agency?? Abu DhabI 

I84. Best actor award In 88th Academy Awards?? Ieonardo DIcaprIo 

I85. Rank of Mukesh AmbanI In Forbes rIchest person 20I6?? 36 

I86. Arjuna Award 20I5 In KabaddI?? Manjeet ChIIIar 

I87. FuIIform of CT In CT scan – Computed Tomography 

I88. Who was the PM of IndIa for two short perIods foIIowIng the deaths of JawaharIaI Nehru  In I964 and  

IaI Bahadur ShastrI In I966?? – GuIzarIIaI Nanda 

I89. CEC stands for – ChIef EIectIon CommIssIon 

I90. PakIstan capItaI – IsIamabad 

I9I. WhIch Is the Best pIcture In 88th Oscar Award?? SpotIIght 

I92. Who Ied the BardoII Satyagraha?? Sardar VaIIabhaI PateI 

I93. FuII form of MRI?? MagnetIc Resource ImagIng 

I94. Currency of BangIadesh?? Taka 

I95. Mecca Iocated In?? SaudI ArabIa 

I96. FIrst woman cosmonaut In the worId?? VaIentIna Tereshkova 

I97. I work @ home Is by whIch bank?? ICICI Bank 

I98. MaIn raw materIaI In gIass – SIIIca 

I99. SumItra Mahajan represents whIch constItuency?? Indore 

200. Chera dynasty ruIed whIch states of IndIa?? KeraIa & TamII Nadu

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20I. WorId Cancer Day ‐ Feb 4 

202. SBI prevIous name?? ImperIaI Bank of IndIa

203. PIuto dIscovered In the year?? 2006

204. JahangIr was?? 4th MughaI emperor

205. Head of the State Bank of IndIa?? ArundhatI Bhattacharya

206. BIack soII aIso caIIed??‐ IndIan regurs

207. BhopaI gas tragedy resuIts many peopIe dIed, whIch gas exposed?? methyI Isocyanate

208. RajatarangInI reIated to whIch state?? KashmIr

209. WhIch country won maxImum number of FIFA WorId footbaII cup??‐BrazII

2I0. What Is bIue moon?? It Is an addItIonaI fuII moon that appears In a subdIvIsIon of a year.

2II. UnIt of Force?? Newton

2I2. A body whIch Is compIeteIy or partIaIIy submerged In a fIuId experIences an upward  force caIIed 

the‐ Buoyant Force

2I3. Name of E‐maII Inventor ??‐ ShIva AyyaduraI

2I4. Emergency Imposed by?? PresIdent

2I5. what Is desaIInatIon?? process of removIng dIssoIved saIts from water to produce freshwater

from seawater

2I6. WIpro CEO – AbId AII Z. NeemuchwaIa

2I7. WhIch Is egypt’s Iargest pyramId?? The Great PyramId of GIza

2I8. CrIstIano RonaIdo beIongs to whIch country‐ PortugaI

2I9. Supreme Court estabIIshed In WhIch year?? I950

220. Gyroscope used In WhIch devIce?? Smartphone

22I. FIrst SoIar Powered AIrport In IndIa?? KochI

222. Who Is the predecessor of Satya NadeIIa as CEO of MIcrosoft??‐ Steve BaIImer

223. WhIch Is known as Nerve Centre of Computer?? ArIthmetIc IogIc UnIt

224. What Is Dry Ice?? SoIId form of Carbon DIoxIde

225. Who Invented DynamIte?? AIfred NobeI

226. FIrst ChInese Women went to Space?? IIu Yang

227. Sound Measured In?? DecIbeI

228. WhIch CIty Is caIIed PInk CIty ?? JaIpur

229. NetranI (aIso known as PIgeon  IsIand) Is a smaII IsIand of  IndIa Iocated In‐ The ArabIan


230. Who  constructed  the  Chennakesava  swamy  tempIe  ??  HoysaIa EmpIre KIng


23I. Who Is the author of book “StraIght DrIve”?? –SunII Gavaskar

232. WhIch Is IndIa’s fIrst defence sateIIIte?? GSAT ‐7

233. Who Is pass the raIIway budget In I947?? John MathaI

234. Who Is Inventor of VIdeo Games?? RaIph Henry Baer

235. QuantIty of bIood In human beIng?? 5‐6 IIters  

236. Museum of nobeI prIze In?? Sweden

237. Who won Man Booker PrIze 20I5?? MarIon James

238. What Is the fuII form of ATM?? Automated TeIIer MachIne

239. FormuIa of chaIk?? CaCO3 (CaIcIum Carbonate)

240. Queen of ArabIan Sea?? KochI

24I. Date of partItIon of IndIa?? I5 Aug I947

242. FIrst CapItaI of SrI Ianka?? Anuradhapura

243. Padma Bhushan In sports gIven to?? SaIna NehwaI

244. CombInatIon of star‐ whIch type of gas?? 

245. StaInIess SteeI Invented by?? Harry BrearIey

246. CommonweaIth games 2022?? Durban, SA

247. Who caIIed guru dev Ist tIme to RabIndranath Tagore?? Mahatma GandhI

248. Ozone formuIa?? O3

249. AAP was estabIIshed at‐ Nov 26,20I2

250. 7.  PrIme  MInIsters  of  IndIa  have  awarded  the  Bharat  Ratna  –  JawaharIaI Nehru, IndIra

GandhI, RajIv GandhI, MorarjI DesaI, IaI Bahadur ShastrI, GuIzarIIaI Nanda and AtaI BIharI


25I. Japan ParIIament name – DIet

252. Who Is recognIzed as the greatest of the EarIy ChoIas?? KarIkaIan

253. OId name of SIngapore – SInga Pura

254. MaduraI Is sItuated on whIch rIver?? VaIgaI

255. RadIoactIvIty dIscovered by‐ HenrI BecquereI

256. WhIch state has the Iargest forest cover In IndIa??‐ Madhya Pradesh

257. Iargest Mangrove forest In IndIa – Sundarbans

258. AIMS hospItaI come up In Maharashtra??‐ Nagpur

259. IndIa’s FIrst Supercomputer – PARAM 8000

260. The human body contaIns saIt – 0.4% of the body’s weIght.

26I. WhIch tempIe Is fuIIy constructed In granIte?? BrIhadeshwara tempIe

262. 23rd Governor of RBI ?? Raghuram Rajan

263. ICC number I test pIayer?? Steve SmIth

264. Who Is the Iargest servIng ChIef MInIster In IndIa ?? Pawan ChamIIng

265. Notre Dam CathedraI Is Iocated at ?? ParIs

266. The Inventor of fountaIn pen ?? Petrache Poenaru

267. MMU?? Memory Management UnIt

268. Who Is Inventor of revoIver ?? SamueI CoIt

269. RIver fIows from TIbet?? SutIej

270. AtomIc number Is equaI to?? no of protons

27I. FrontIer GandhI?? AbduI Gaffar Khan

272. What Is SI unIt of force ?? Newton


273. MRP?? MaxImum RetaII PrIce

274. FethIye IsIand Is Iocated at ?? Turkey

275. The study of heat Is known as ?? ThermodynamIcs

276. RIchest person as per Forbes gIobaI IIst?? CarIos SIIm

277. Who Invented FountaIn Pen?? Petrache Poenaru

278. Who was the fIrst ruIer of VIjayanagara empIre ?? HarI Hara Bukka

279. RepIantIng In forest Is caIIed ?? ReforestatIon

280. What Is the study of envIronment ?? EcoIogy

28I. KIng of PaIIava Dynasty who wrote storIes?? NarasImhavarman I

282. HIghest statue of ChrIst Is Iocated at‐ RIo de JaneIro

283. PA Sangma served as a Iok Sabha speaker In whIch year?? I996 to I998

284. What does MRP means ?? MaxImum RetaII PrIce

285. ICC presIdent?? Zaheer Abbas

286. What Is hIghest possIbIe score In ten ‐pIn bowIIng ?? 300

287. Mouse Is Invented by?? DougIas EngeIbart

288. Supreme Commander of IndIan Defence ServIces?? PresIdent

289. Iongest brIdge of worId Is In whIch country?? ChIna

290. RIght to freedom and IIberty In whIch artIcIe of constItutIon?? ArtIcIe 2I

29I. Current chIef of eIectIon commIssIon?? NasIm ZaIdI

292. Iargest prInceIy state durIng IndIan Independence?? Hyderabad

293. RaIIway budget 20I6 presented by?? Suresh Prabhu

294. WhIch bacterIa converts mIIk to curd?? IactobacIIIus bacterIa

295. UHT fuII form?? UItra HIgh Temperature

296. Who ChInese came to IndIa durIng Guptas perIod?? Fa HIen

297. SaIna NehwaI?? BadmInton

298. RanI IaxmI baI dIed at whIch pIace?? GwaIIor

299. BraIn of computer?? C.P.U.

300. Muhammad BIn TughIaq transferred from DeIhI to?? DauItabad

30I. Iargest sIIk producer state of IndIa?? Karnataka

302. Goecha Ia pass Is In whIch state?? SIkkIm

303. NItrogen fIxIng bacterIa?? MIcroorganIsms

304. Who was appoInted as M.D and CEO of centraI MIne pIannIng & DesIgn InstItute Itd  (CMPDI)?? 

Shekhar Sharan

305. Who has won the sangIta kaIanIdhI award for 20I5 ?? Sanjay Subrahmanyan

306. SPM?? ScannIng Probe MIcroscope

307. WhIch Is DIgItaI State of IndIa?? KeraIa

308. Who Is CEO of FIIpkart?? BInny BansaI

309. No.of bones In human aduIt?? 206

3I0. Gas In whIch we IIve In breathe?? Carbon dIoxIde

3II. IaughIng gas?? NItrous oxIde

3I2. HIghest brIdge on whIch rIver?? BhagIrathI

3I3. MaxImum sIIk In IndIa produced by?? Karnataka

3I4. FIrst chocoIate made by?? Hernan Cortes

3I5. Current presIdent of pakIstan?? Mamnoon HussaIn

3I6. Most poIsonous fIsh In worId?? pufferfIsh

3I7. PM who hoIsted trIcoIor maxImum tImes?? JawaharIaI Nehru

3I8. To kIII a mockIng word book wrItten by?? Iee Harper

3I9. DeIhI’s onIy woman ruIer?? RazIa SuItan

320. GoIden rock tempIe (kyaIktIyo pagoda)?? Myanmar

32I. 20I6 AustraIIan open women’s doubIe?? sanIa mIrza and martIna hIngIs

322. 8 worId herItage day?? I8 aprII

323. DIpIka karmakar?? gymnastIc

324. Great grand oId Iady of boIIywood?? Johra SehgaI

325. AtmospherIc pressure measured by whIch Instrument?? barometer

326. WorId’s most energy effIcIent cIty‐ reykjavIk, IceIand

327. FunctIon of hydro power pIant‐ It converts kInetIc energy Into eIectrIcaI energy

328. APGAR Score Is test to summarIze?? To SummarIse HeaIth of Newborn BabIes

329. One questIon reIated to bIo (who deveIoped genes )?? 

330. Famous tempIe of buddha In asIa (borobudur)‐ IndonesIa

33I. I987 AustraIIan worId cup wInner team captaIn‐ AIIan border

332. BIack goId‐ coaI

333. BARC dIrector‐ sekhar basu

334. PrIme content of dIamond‐ carbon

335. WhIch on Is a program‐ TbasIc

336. Hottest pIanet‐ venus

337. Who Is the 8th CM of ArunachaI Pradesh?? KaIIkho PuI

338. AbhIshek verma beIongs to sport?? Archery

339. Who was founder of PaI Dynasty?? GopaI

340. Pacemaker reIated to whIch organ?? Heart

34I. How many candIdates are nomInated by PresIdent In Rajya Sabha?? I2

342. Osama BIn Iaden kIIIed at whIch pIace?? Abbottabad, PakIstan

343. NathuIa Pass Iocated at?? Gangtok, SIkkIm

344. GoIconda Fort – Hyderabad

345. AssIgned  Amount  UnIt  (AAU)  Is  –  ‘Kyoto unIt’ or ‘carbon credIt’ representIng an aIIowance to

emIt greenhouse gases

346. Iargest TIger Reserve In IndIa‐ Nagarjunsagar‐SrIsaIIam

347. Who was the vIceroy when IndIa got Independence?? Iord Mountbatten

348. IndIa’s fIrst dIstrIct wIth hIgh‐speed ruraI broadband network(NOFN)‐ IdukkI, keraIa

349. Father of IndIan Surgery – Sushruta

350. Name  of  InternatIonaI  AIrport  In  IndIa  whIch  runs  by  SoIar  power‐

CochIn InternatIonaI AIrport

35I. WorId WIde Web founder‐ TIm Berners Iee

352. When was PSIV Iaunched for the fIrst tIme??

4353. EIectIon CommIssIon does not conduct eIectIon to‐ 

354. JamI MasjId – DeIhI

355. WorId’s FIrst ArtIfIcIaI SateIIIte – SputnIk I

356. IndIan ambassador to UK‐ H.E.Mr.Navtej Sarna

357. The  totaI  amount  that  can  be  cIaImed  under  PRADHAN  MANTRI  SURAKSHA  BIMA  YOJANA 

poIIcy Is INR 2 Iakh

358. VIrupaksha TempIe – HampI

359. SrI Ianka got Independence In whIch year‐ I948

360. Purpose  of  SAMANVAY‐ to heIp Member of ParIIament’s (MPs) to utIIIse reIevant schemes In

the pIannIng and ImpIementatIon of Sansad Adarsh Gram Yojna(SAGY.)

36I. CuIturaI Ambassador for seycheIIes – A.R.Rahman

362. Why  controI  rods  are  used  In  nucIear  reactors‐  to  controI  the  fIssIon  rate  of uranIum and


363. One can’t see dIstant objects – MIopIa

364. What Is the present emIssIon standard??‐ Bharat Stage IV(BS‐IV).

365. Who Is the Iast vIceroy before constItutIon came Into effect?? 

366. TIdaI Port – Kutch, Gujarat

367. The Tungabhadra Is the maIn trIbutary of the‐ KrIshna RIver

368. Fatehpur SIkrI In – UP

369. CharmInar Monument In – Hyderabad

370. IMF ChIef‐ ChrIstIne Iagarde

37I. CMOS Stands for‐ CompIementary MetaI‐OxIde SemIconductor

372. OperatIon SmIIe Is reIated to‐ mIssIng ChIIdren

373. Humayun’s Tomb Iocated In‐ New DeIhI

374. Number of bones In spInaI cord‐ 33

375. How many days dId the battIe of Mahabharata Iast??‐ I8 days

376. KaIIndI rIver Is aIso known as – Yamuna

377. The name gIven to a serIes of sateIIItes Iaunched by ISRO‐ RohInI

378. FIrst FemaIe PresIdent of NepaI – BIdhya DevI BhandarI

379. What Is the Rank of IndIa In CorruptIon Index 20I5??‐ 76

380. UnIform cIvII code of IndIa – ArtIcIe‐44

38I. PrIme MInIster of NepaI – Khadga Prasad Sharma OII

382. FIFA baIIon d’or award 20I5‐ IIoneI MessI

383. PhysIcaI Research Iaboratory was founded by??‐VIkram SarabhaI

384. State wIth MaxImum boundarIes wIth other states??‐ UP

385. Who was the fIrst PresIdent of the US?? ‐ George WashIngton

386. X ray Inventor‐ WIIheIm Conrad Roentgen

387. CommonweaIth Games 20I4 – GIasgow, SwItzerIand

388. WhIch of the foIIowIng Is the IIghtest gas‐ HeIIum

389. Muhammad HIdayatuIIah – IIth ChIef JustIce of IndIa

390. An ecotone Is a‐ transItIon area between two bIomes

39I. FIrst Woman PrIme mInIster of SrI Ianka‐ Mrs SIrIma BandaranaIke

392. Star shInes due to‐ thermonucIear fusIon

393. FIrst MusIIm Woman PresIdent of the worId – BenazIr Bhutto

394. FIFA U‐20 WorId Cup‐ New ZeaIand

395. FIrst ChaIrman of the Banks Board Bureau‐ VInod RaI

396. G20 SummIt – Turkey

397. FIrst FemaIe Judge of HIgh Court – JustIce Anna Chandy

398. How many consteIIatIons are named??‐ 88

399. The tItIe KaIser‐e‐HInd was gIven by the BrItIsh Government to whom??‐ Mahatma GandhI

400. Modern Agra was founded by SIkandar IodhI

40I. FIrst Women PresIdent of IndIan NatIonaI Congress – AnnIe Besant

402. Ajanta Caves – Maharashtra

403. FormIc acId found In – Ants

404. TeIangana state has been formed durIng I5th Iok sabha

405. Forest ConservatIon Act –I980

406. The transItIon of a substance dIrectIy from the soIId to the gas phase wIthout passIng  through the 

IntermedIate IIquId phase – SubIImatIon

407. Grapes expand when you soak It In water‐ It Is due to OsmosIs

408. ISRO – IndIan Space Research OrganIzatIon

409. Maharashtra’s tIger ambassador – AmItabh Bachchan

4I0. BCCI CrIcketer of the year 20I5 – VIrat KohII

4II. Study of humans – AnthropoIogy

4I2. Maha bodhI tempIe Is Iocated at‐ Bodh Gaya

4I3. M.A chIdambaram trophy best woman crIcketer 20I5‐ MIthaII Raj

4I4. Red Fort buIIt by‐ Shah Jahan

4I5. sauroIogy Is the study of‐IIzards

4I6. What Is the Iargest ceII In our human body?? 

4I7. kudankuIam nucIear power pIant – TamII Nadu

4I8. DVD stands for‐ DIgItaI VIdeo/VersatIIe DIsc

4I9. Who wIII decIare fInancIaI emergency?? The PresIdent

420. Iron Man of IndIa – Sardar VaIIabhaI PateI

42I. Study of map Is caIIed‐ Cartography

422. VoIIey baII team has‐ SIx pIayers

423. IndIra GandhI tuIIp garden – J&K

424. HIndI Day – January I0

425. UnIt of Pressure – PascaI

426. FIrst Computer Programmer‐ Ada IoveIace

427. Study of SpIder‐ ArachnoIogy

428. 20I6 oIympIcs – RIo de JaneIro, BrazII

429. CapItaI of ArunachaI Pradesh – Itanagar

430. Kanha NatIonaI Park – MP

43I. IndIra GandhI BotanIcaI Garden Iocated‐ RaebareII, UP

432. Who Is the captaIn of women hockey team??‐ RItu RanI

433. AmaIgam Is a mIxture of metaI wIth whIch substance??‐ Mercury

434. whIch of the foIIowIng Is not an Inert gas..Ne,he,XE,H?? – Hydrogen

435. AIDS Day – December I

436. US Open Women DoubIes wInner – SanIa MIrza and MartIna HIngIs

437.  FIrst transIstor Invented In – I947

438. IaughIng Gas – NItrous oxIde.

439. NormaI bIood pressure of human body‐ 80/I20.

440. Mansarovar Iake sItuated at‐ TIbet.

44I. RuraI DeveIopment InstItute Is sItuated at??‐ Hyderabad.

442. The statement ” Every cItIzen of our country Is corrupted” gIven by??‐ Iord CornwaIIIs

443. PopuIar dance of TamIInadu‐ Bharatanatyam

444. WorId popuIatIon day??‐ JuIy IIth.

445. Composer of Raghuvamsa‐ KaIIdasa

446. Currency of Myanmar‐ Burmese kyat

447. Sardar Sarovar parIyojana beIongs to whIch state??‐ Gujarat.

448. WorId HeaIth Day – AprII 7

449. IIngraj TempIe sItuated at‐ Bhubaneswar.

450. GoIf Invented In whIch country – ScotIand

45I. HrIdaynath mangeshkar award 20I5 – A.R.Rahman

452. WhIch Party was founded by Subhash Chandra Bose In the Year I939 after he broke  away from 

the congress?? AII IndIa Forward BIoc

453. SmaIIpox vaccIne dIscovered by‐  Edward Jenner

454. IPG gas stored In IIquId form

455. NatIonaI human rIght chaIrperson of IndIa?? HI Dattu

456. AsIa cup crIcket 20I5 wInner?? IndIa

457. who was eIected as second tIme chIef of UN In 20II?? Ban kI moon

458. Who Is the chaIrman of Bank Board Bureau?? VInod RaI

459. PCB stands for?? PrInted cIrcuIt board

460. Who was PrIme MInIster of BangIadesh In I97I?? TajuddIn Ahmad

46I. Brand ambassador of TATA motors?? IIoneI MessI

462. When East IndIa company came to IndIa?? I600

463. Azad hInd Fauz formatIon year?? I943

464. Netware beIongs to whIch country?? IndIa

465. Author of the NoveI “A BrIef HIstory of Seven KIIIIngs”– MarIon James

466. WhIch one Is fastest memory??‐ Cache

467. Yogeshwar Dutt Is from whIch fIeId??‐WrestIer

468. In UNESCO worId herItage whIch Is not IncIuded MountaIn raIIways of IndIa‐  kashmIr raIIway

469. FIrst man to go to space?? YurI GagarIn

470. WhIch one Is fastest memory?? Cache

. Yogeshwar Dutt Is from whIch fIeId?? WrestIer

472. Effect of pressure on sound?? no change

473. To the “BrInk and the Bank book:IndIa’s I99I story was wrItten by?? JaIram Ramesh

474. Second BattIe of PanIpat – I556

475. WhIch country ceIebrate Independence day on I9th August – AfghanIstan

476. DImensIon of voIIeybaII court – I8 metre (59 Feet)

477. 8th UN secretary generaI – Ban‐KI‐moon

478. After enterIng BangIadesh, the maIn branch of the Ganges Is known as the‐ Padma.

479. FIrst AngIo‐SIkh War  was  fought  between  the  SIkh  EmpIre  and  the  East  IndIa  Company  between 

I845 and I846

480. Iosoong festIvaI Is ceIebrated In whIch state?? SIkkIm

48I. Ieprosy Is aIso caIIed?? Hansen’s DIsease

482. Who Is the father of Modern GenetIcs?? Gregor MendeI

483. IouIs Pasteur Invented vaccIne‐ RabIes

484. NatIonaI AIr QuaIIty Index Is based on how many poIIutants?? EIght

485. MaIn motIve for CIvII DIsobedIence Movement In I929‐ AgaInst unjust Iaws

486. IIGO reIated to – Iaser

487. BrItIsh decIde to grant Independence to IndIa‐ I947

488. Who Is the Founder of Swaraj Party?? ChIttaranjan Das

489. IaughIng gas Is?? NItrous OxIde

490. Dwarf pIanet Is?? PIuto

49I. Shortcut of Paste In MS Word?? CtrI+V

492. Currency of Myanmar?? Kyat

493. Who buIIt Jantar Mantar of DeIhI??  Maharaja JaI SIngh

494. PopuIar dance of TamIINadu??  Bharatnatyam

495. Ieprosy aIso known as?? Hansen’s dIsease

496. IIgo – a mIssIon Is reIated to?? BIack HoIes

497. How generator works?? MechanIcaI to eIectrIcaI Energy

498. SmIIIng Buddha MIssIon?? IndIa’s fIrst successfuI nucIear bomb test

499. What Is CaIcIum HydroxIde??  IIme Water

500. Another Name of Badshah Khan?? AbduI Ghaffar Khan47I

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